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Nila top


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The Nila top is part of our Vol. 3 “The awakening” series, here’s some data about it:

  • A chilled see-through top to play with overlayering and color contrast.
  • Loose fit and soft touch for comfort and free movement. Also, contrast knit detail on lower part.
  • This piece has been hand-knitted in Nila’s loom in Barranco (Peru), with Tangüis organic cotton.
    Tangüis cotton, is a this natural fiber that grows in the Peruvian coastline. Due to its absortion qualities, it requires less water to produce and less dye to achieve color. A resistent type of eco-friendly cotton and a new addition to La Petite Mort.
  • Available in: baby blue and grey (easy colors to mix&match with your bralette!)


*Rox (1.70 m.) is wearing a small size top


Want to know what’s up with this mask? right here


S (T34-36) 44 cm 58 cm
M (T36-38) 46 cm 60 cm
M (T38-40) 48 cm 62 cm


This crop top has been entirely hand-crafted at Nila’s workshop in Barranco (Lima, Peru), and it carries her name! (because she’s got magic hands!). Also, due to the extensive time it takes to handknit, we do not mass produce; each piece of the collection represents the hard work and skill of talented local entrepreneurs.
Tangüis cotton is the new addition for this SS18 collection. Just like Pima, it is locally sourced in the Peruvian coastline. The difference comes to the touch, its fiber is less soft but stronger and more uniform than Pima. Its resistance makes it perfect for hand-woven and handknitted pieces. Furthermore, Tanguis requires less water for the plantation (conducts moisture very well) and due to its absortion qualities it also needs less dye to obtain color compared to other cotton qualities. Tanguis and Pima cotton are the two “specialties” of Peru.