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Loop: snood in baby alpaca


  • Loop is an infinity knitted scarf with 1.70 m circumference and 0.70 m width. To be worn warmly 3 times around your neck or loose like a shawl.
  • Knitted in 100% baby alpaca*: extremely soft, cruelty-free virgin wool.
  • Bicolor in 3 choices: 65% yellow + 35% sky blue // 65% navy + 35% sky blue // 65% grey + 35% clay
  • Handmade with border finition in crochet.
  • Free shipping: France


* Not actual babies! Baby Alpaca is a name given to the fiber quality known for being extra soft to touch and less itchy for sensitive skin types. Alpaca is a cruelty-free fiber native from the Andes


This knitted piece has been entirely hand-crafted in Barranco (Lima, Peru) by Nila, our head knitter. We do not mass produce; each piece of the collection represents the hard work and skill of talented women working to improve their communities.

We stick to our commitment of using 100% organic materials. For our winter collection we work with the Alpaca wool, a natural luxury fiber native of our home, the Andes. Alpacas in Peru are raised in large open spaces (between 3900 and 4800 m.a.s.l.), its use goes back thousands of years, to the pre-inca cultures. Due to alpaca’s natural environment, its fiber is several times warmer than the regular sheep wool while remaining light and soft to touch. The “Baby Alpaca” fiber is known for being extra soft.

To preserve this item in good shape, keep it away from your washing machine & specially your dryer! Hand wash will do the trick, or hang it around when taking a hot shower, the steam will take off the odors.
Also, keep in mind that long earings or necklaces could get entangled and pull a thread! So please be mindful and this piece will go a long way.
Being 100% organic, this piece is also compostable 🙂

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Gold-BabyBlue, Navy-BabyBlue, Clay-Grey