What is La Petite Mort ?

Contrary to what you might think on a first glance, there’s no sad/dark/gothic content on this expression. To be fair, La Petite Mort, or « the little death », is a French expression first appeared between the 17th / 18th century and used to address the sexual orgasm; a moment ecstasy, a brief loss of consciousness.

But if we look past the obvious sexual correlation, what is so precious about this concept?
Imagine that for an instant your mind could be cleared out, free from your own thoughts, good or bad; free from memories, burdens and plans, if it could just be, still.

Stillness of mind, where the notion of individuality vanishes to become nothing [& everything] , one with the world; full release, liberation.

Ok, so, how does this translate to a brand? .

La Fuite



 Long version:

The idea of full release/liberation has many readings and can materialize in several ways, but in this brand its influence goes as follows:

  • We work “trend-free”: Style is timeless. So whatever trend’s up and running, we’re not part of it. La Petite Mort aims to make pieces that last through the seasons and years. A good essential for your street life; you’ll always need a comfy sweatshirt, a warm snood, a summer top. The power of a good basic lies within its versatility; we give you the good basic  you go play with it.
  • Focus on freedom of movement: Sometimes, the street demands for a dance, a run or a jump! We need you to move freely & be comfy. To get there, we work with rich natural fabrics for a cozy feeling and oversize cuts for a laidback look.
  • Messaging: Escaping trends and structured clothing is one thing, but connecting with what La Petite Mort represents requires more. We want to pass on this feeling and share its poetry. But since La Petite Mort is more of introspection than graphic-tee material, we had to find a discreet ways to do so. This is why several pieces carry “hidden messages” on the inner side of the item. A phrase, a small text, a word… in all cases an interpellation that often goes unnoticed, but still there for those who want see it.



Short version:

La Petite Mort is about cool streetwear essentials in luxurious natural fibers; ethically sourced and transformed on its land of origin: Latin America. Ultimately: a blend of contemporary urban codes, poetry & tradition.






What else?

There is a parallel story to all. In this case it is a story of people, harmony & tradition. La Petite Mort as a concept is inspired in French culture, but as brand, it is built upon Latin America’s textile heritage. Working with the same noble raw materials used since thousands of years ago, through every collection we aim to bring a little bit of our people and our history to you. In every stitch we find tradition. Our native fibers and craftsmanship is what we are and it is this brand’s privilege to share it with the world.