Espiritu Santo - BR


Contrary to what you might think on a first glance, there’s no dark/gothic content on this.
To be fair, La Petite Mort or « the little death », made its appearance in the France of the 17th / 18th century, to address the sexual orgasm; a moment ecstasy, a brief loss of consciousness.

But if we look past the obvious sexual correlation, what is so precious about this concept?
Imagine if for an instant your mind could be cleared out, if we could be free of our own thoughts, good and bad; free of memories, burdens and plans, if we could just be, still.

Stillness of mind, where the notion of individuality vanishes to become nothing [& everything]. One with the world. Full release, liberation.

Espiritu Santo - BR

Ok, so, how does this translate into a brand?

The idea of release/liberation has many readings and can be materialized in many ways, but in this brand its influence goes as follows:

Time is non-existant

Whatever trend’s up and running, we’re not part of it. We give you a piece to wear this year and the next 10 if you like.
The power of a good basic lies within its versatility; we give you the good basic, you go play with it.

A free mind needs a free body

Freedom of movement has been a must since the birth of this brand. We like things cool & comfy, as simple as that.
Oversized, straight and clean cuts, for a laidback look; rich natural fibers for a cozy feeling.

An inner journey

More than a t-shirt, more than a title.
Most pieces carry a hidden word, a text… a small trigger. Sometimes to pass on a feeling, sometimes to open up a personal interpellation.
After all, La Petite Mort is an inner journey.

Clothing becomes a space to tell a story.

In short

We highly dislike graphic tees.





What else?

There is a parallel story to all.

La Petite Mort as a concept is inspired in French culture, but as brand, it is built upon Latin America’s textile heritage. Why? because it’s my heritage too.
I grew up surrounded by noble fibers and traditional know-how that has often been (up to this day) exploited without giving it its right value. It’s not about the ancient model of exploitation/exportation of our raw material and manufacture, definitely not about the patronizing speech of giving them “an opportunity for development”; it is about a cooperation, from equal-to-equal. The sourcing, the transformation and the manufacture remain local because it is only logical, the shortest circuit possible is achieved through the cooperation and the will of local entrepreneurs. This brand, like many others, could not dream to exist without their work and their knowledge, it is a fair exchange. Working with our natural fibers, artisans and cooperatives is my way of bringing my people and our history closer to you. Living, learning & exchanging in (what we may call) developped markets allows me to share with them another vision, ways to reinvent our tradition, compete with new designs and (hopefully) breakout of a cultural cliché.

Despite the style épuré of the brand, in every stitch we find our people, and it is my privilege to share it with you.



La Petite Mort is member of the French label Une Autre Mode est Possible and part of the ethical platform SloWeAre.