The project of La P.M. was born on the road inspired by the passionate souls met while traveling. All of them in their own journey, making art of many forms and in many levels. People who cared to create and share their ideas, knowing that only when shared they could live on. People looking to leave a trace and make a change.

They led us to set up a line of basic clothing that could tell their stories, to pass on the message for those willing to hear it. Why clothing? well, because it was already our field of work, because fashion is a picture of our society, because clothes can be vane but can also be meaningful, it all depends on the approach… and we want to take on fashion from a new angle.

With every new exchange and discussion this project evolved and learned. Finally, after some research, and influenced by the challenges of climate change, the brand started developing under a sustainable framework and the concern for environmental impact became one of its pilars.