Because we are IN LOVE.
We are in love with ART, CRAFTMANSHIP & TRAVEL, and since we love it so much, we do it SLOW, CLEAN and FAIR.

On the road, we have often found ourselves to be dazzled by incredible landscapes and very, very kind people. This is a thrill we want to keep on living; consequently, we are committed to reduce our impact to the environment by working under the cradle to cradle principle. By choosing to keep our natural fibers 100% pure and working with water based coloring, all of our pieces will be able to reinsert into a new lifecycle through compost, generating no harm.

Furthermore, our choice on materials honors our Latin heritage. All cotton used in our collections is of Pima quality, grown in the Peruvian coastlines, and GOTS certified, free of harmful pesticides keeping farmers and soil in good health. Later, in collaboration with a few family workshops and local producer associations in different cities of Latin America, a small collection is born.

As all of our garments are handmade we work on a small scale. You can be sure your piece has been treated with care and that he/she who made it was treated with respect.