Because we are IN LOVE.


We are in love with ART, CRAFTMANSHIP & TRAVEL, and since we love it so much, we work SLOW, CLEAN and FAIR.


There is ONE volume for every year of existance of La Petite Mort.
Every new volume adds-up to our permanent collection of urban-wear pieces, it does not replace it.
All work is manual, from patterns to cutting, from assembling to embroidery. The imperfection of manual work is a constant reminder of the humanity behind each piece and (I personally believe) it adds character to the most simple item.
Due to our handmade-only process, mass-production is not possible.


As long as we’re alive footprint is impossible to avoid, but it can be minimized.

Further than organic labelling (GOTS for cotton & Oeko-tex for wool), inspired by the cradle to cradle principle, we decided to work closing the loop.
All pieces are conceived and developed so they are suitable for recycling (and even composting!) at the end of their life cycle -> less clothing waste on landfills.
In order to do so, they remain 100% natural (extra comfort against the skin), there is NO FIBER BLEND. Furthermore, all sewing threads and even the inner tags remain in natural materials.

Working on eco basis is an eternal questioning on how to do things better.
With the 3rd volume, some upcycling practices have been included in our processes, only recovering the material loss during our own production. This is an aim to achieve a zero-waste level while assuring the fabric used in upcycled accessories are all organic and gentle with the skin.



All production is made in collaboration with local entrepreneurs and women cooperatives (currently where all fibers are sourced, Peru).
Prices and times are fixed by them, acoording to their capacity, availability and characteristics of each piece.
With a personal meeting once a year, the rest of the time contact remains frequent and direct thanks to technologie (whatsapp!).

A piece 100% natural requires some special caring and it will wear out differently than technique garments or blended fibers. For mor information about you item please check the caring section under every piece description.

A journey