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In collaboration MUE Magazine – Slow Fashion Media


Several times I have openly expressed my surprise (and somewhat disbelief) on the shy presence sustainability had in the French fashion scene. Please note, this doesn’t mean there was none, quite opposite, there were plenty of ethical initiatives. Still, comparing it to what I had seen in neighbor countries like Spain, Germany and the UK, they all seemed small and rather independent which of course made it difficult to pierce into mainstream media.
Since last year however, as the people behind it started collaborating more with one and other, the movement became more solid, which brought along a small but engaged audience. Nowadays we can actually talk about a community, with more to say and more projects to put out. Despite this rich scenario however… the media window remains very tight. So what happens then? … Opportunity.

Specialized media was still lacking in France until last year, of course there were blogs, of course there were independent articles on mainstream media every now and then, but there is so much to say and so much to showcase, that those platforms were just not enough. So naturally, I was excited to see earlier this year the first appareance of MUE Magazine gathering some of the most stablished initiatives of sustainable fashion in France; I was even more excited to see the team behind it was based in Marseille! (there’s much more to France than Paris); then, I was ecstatic when they invited me to collaborate with their second issue Prune.



The idea was rather simple, an editorial portraying 3 women-led initiatives from different fields of sustainable fashion: writing, design, and menthoring. All dressed up in Hylla Penderie PartagĂ©e, following the issue’s line on vintage clothing. Read the full online version (French) in this link



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